Sonya Moran was born in London and consequentially surrounded by exceptional and influential art. Later schooled outside London, frequent youthful visits were made to the British Tate and National London Galleries. Generous guidance from a broadminded teacher fed a curious and creative mind.

Painting was the initial medium until a trip to Australia in 1986 where she had a serendipitous meeting with accomplished stone sculptor Foot Young. An apprenticeship on Hamilton Island shortly followed.

She rapidly grasped fundamental concepts of stonework and use of power tools to develop her own style. Aggressive carving with pneumatic chisels meant she would tackle life sized figurative projects – up to two tonne marble blocks.

Catching the Creative Wave

Sonya is convinced that self reflection is an element in the creative process, something she calls “visual spaciousness.

This can be interpreted as the capacity to visualise a potential form clearly in the mind, all the while remaining open to the myriad of possible permutations of that vision.


As society becomes more complex…contemporary art moves toward minimalistic grace…

…the curved uncontained lines found in nature preferred to the straight linear lines noticeable in the man made world.

About Marble

Sculpted stone, a symbolic frozen 3D moment, possesses a longevity that can outlast a living human culture.

It offers remnants of art and imformation to historians on life and thought in that era.

Marble is after all compressed limestone beds comprised of once-living things; the bones of wildlife…oceans…..nature…and man himself.

Sonya has appeared as a guest lecture at a variety of different schools, Tafes and adult education courses around Australia and offers private tuition upon request..