Sonya has a sculptural career spanning 30 years, specialising in stone carving with bronze and alloy editions.

Early themes were marine and birdlife inspired by a sailing lifestyle. She soon ventured into figurative art, finding joy in contemporary abstraction. 

Marble lends itself to the forming of fluid lines and minimalistic grace – an ongoing 3D contemplation.

Beyond Australia her art resides in NZ, UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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The distinctive style

that echos through Sonya's stone work covers diverse subject matter from
representational figurative sculpture, to liquid like marine life such as Stingrays; or in contrast the
strength and presense of the Horse.

The human form lends itself to contemporary abstraction, Sonya leans into the stretching of
reality expressing a modern art feel to the ancient art of hand carved stone.

The story line of the marble works are carried via non-linear lines, use of symbols and at times
mythology and a stripped back essence of the subject matter to arrive at striking 3d designs.

Sonya's sculptures have been leased and purchased by resorts, corporate bodies, fine art
investors, and art collectors in Australia and Globally.

She has exhibited in Galleries in the USA, Australia and Canada within both private and regional art

The Bronze, Alloy and Cast Marble editions bring affordable Australian Art to the public; often
purchased as unique Wedding/Anniversary gifts. All works are both indoor and suitable for outdoor
garden sculpture.
Layby and Gift Certificates are available upon request.